Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things were going so well....

You see, I wasn't even going to write today. I was just checking out my FB page when I saw a link to Aparently on this site, they count. They have up to date counts on everything from the number of illegal immigrants currently in the country to how much money is being spend in schools for children of illegal aliens. The numbers were, for lack of a better word, sobering. The numbers themselves are mind-numbing.(22.8+ million Illegal aliens in the U.S. right now. Well, as of 9:51 P.M.) The scary thing about all of this is not the number, it is the rates at which the number is climbing (approx. 1 per minute). How can this not be a problem? We have $752 dollars wired to Mexico per second. Money leaving our country to support another. If you get a chance, check it out.

Not to change the subject, (I have to or I'll shoot myself) but I think it is really kind of funny how all of the Democrats around the country are taking up little mini causes to try and help "their causes" in November. Just saw on the news that a Democrat in NY is up in arms trying to get legislation against "side drop cribs" (wasn't sure those were even used anymore). I'm not a cold heartless Bastard. I'm Not! Maybe it is a little cynical to think that this lady just happened to find a cause that protects Infants. They interviewed her (well, she kinda jumped infront of the camera) and she was stomping her feet and talking with conviction. I don't know what to believe anymore. Do you honestly think she was being sincere? Or was this just another "PR have to"? It just seemed to me like she was over selling it. My lawyers (in my head) are advising me to let everyone know that I DO care about "the children" (I have 3 of my own) and think that this is a worthwhile cause. That said, I think if you look around, you can see that all "incumbents" are picking bandwagons like these to jump on....Just look at John McCain!

I can't believe I'm back talking about the good senator again. He is just like any other Incumbent out there. Was he doing anything about the border last year? Two years ago? He was trying to give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens! Now we are supposed to believe that all of the sudden because he said "build the dang fence" we are supposed to forget all of the Amnesty Crap? Not a chance. We need someone who is going to be an "ultra Conservative" right now. J.D. may not be the "perfect choice" but I now that he will rattle enough cages and make enough noise and annoy the crap out of enough people in Washington to get the fence built. Right now that is what we need. After we get that done (and God forbid a few Tax cuts) we as Arizonians can revisit the job he has done. After. Which brings me to my next point...

I was talking to my wife this morning before work. We were talking about the upcoming elections (I don't know how she puts up with my fixation. She refers to it as my Mistress) when she said something that caught my attention. She said "I'm worried that we are not going to take the house and senate back, but they have my vote." The problem with this philosophy is that 1 vote is not enough. We need to account for 5 votes per person. I'm not talking about Acorn style (voting multiple times) although I wish we could. What is the one thing that all of us have in common? We are all ready counted as a person who is going to vote Conservative. I would be willing to bet that everyone within the shouting distance of this page is going to vote conservative. Try it! (unless you are at work....then get back to work state employees, Big Brother is watching you!) So that begs the question.....How do we get the people who don't normally vote or vote Democrat to vote with us?

There needs to be goals set by all of us. Short term goals should be something simple, talk to at least one Liberal per day. Don't hammer them. I know that is your first instinct, my first instinct is to grab them by the shoulders and shake them screaming "What's wrong with you!" Please don't do that as it may be considered as "Too Aggressive" and if you are not careful, you may end up in the hole for 30-60 days and a psych evaluation. Not that I know anything about that.... Just start up a casual conversation about one point at a time. The Arizona Immigration Law is a perfect example. Again, don't pressure, just ask them what they think and let them finish. Then if they have an opinion that you feel is wrong or "Liberal", talk calmly about that one point. You see, most people are not Liberals. Sadly most people who vote democrat are ill-informed on one issue and are using that bad info to base their whole opinion. I talked to one guy that told me he was voting democrat because of SB 1070 was Racist. Everything else (Tax Cuts, Obama Care) he was against. Since I see the guy all the time, I printed out a copy of the Law and highlighted the parts of it that went over Racial Profiling and brought it to him. I calmly showed him and explained about the mis information out there (I didn't make him wrong) and you could actually see the light bulb turn on.

I'm proposing "Convert a Democrat" for the month of June. For those of you who are more proficient than others, convert as many as you can. One at a time though, you have to (like women) separate them from the group or you will have no chance! We as conservatives don't have "Community Organizers", so we have to be our own best advocate.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Arizona....Spearhead or Ejector Seat?

For the last few days since my last rant, I took some time for personal reflection. I challenged my beliefs (watched MSNBC) for what seemed like an eternity (10 minutes) before coming to an understanding. The kind of understanding that lets you relax, because you know that it can't get any worse. Of course, you know that isn't true or I wouldn't be writing....

President Calderon of Mexico came by to visit and join the fight against Arizona along with our own President, calling for reform (which I thought we did by passing 1070?) to the thunderous applause of the Democrats in the building. He was telling us that we need to Ban the sale of automatic weapons and other Guns, because they are sneaking across the border. 80% of guns in Mexico are from here afterall. That 80% has been thrown around alot since Obama has been in office, when the truth of the matter is it is less than 15%. That 80% came from Pelosi and reid when they were trying to carve out the Heart of the 2nd Amendment last year, and the media took the number and planted it into the heads of every man, woman and child within shouting distance. The Mexican President also condemned Arizona law, stating that it was racially motivated.

Meanwhile...Here in Arizona...

Senator Russel Pierce is hard at work, possibly working on his next piece of legislation. (If I had just fathered SB 1070, I would be smoking a Cigar and sitting in a hot tub for a while.) The new Bill (rumored) is one that could spark even more controversy than 1070 did (and you think they hate us now!) This Bill tackles the "Anchor Baby" epidemic that has plagued our country for decades. As everyone knows, Aliens to this nation have been coming over here, on the verge of giving birth, They use our emergency rooms (gratis) and give birth to an American Citizen? No other country in the world allows this. Nowhere in the 14th ammendment of the Constitution does it say that if you give birth to a baby in our country, but are not here legally yourself, that child is granted U.S. Citizenship! This is something that has been ignored for too long and now we're going to have to fight for. If this bill becomes law, a fight is what we'll get. Maybe two. The first fight is the one we want. The one that takes the bill all the way to the Supreme Court, where they would almost certainly have to deem the law Constitutional, thus openning the door for ALL STATES to follow in our footsteps. The other fight....not so good.

A law like this, combined with 1070, without closing the border could potentially have bloody consequences. Without the influx of money coming from the U.S. via Illegals sending money back home (an estimated 20 Billion dollars leaving our country annually) and Mexico's 2 top exports to the U.S., (drugs and human trafficing, easily 50-100 billion annually) fencing that off would de-stablize Mexico and by proxy, all of Central America. Now do you see why President Calderon is so against 1070? Cutting off that constant supply of money to his people would have disaterous results. Mexico's already dismal economy would destabalize, famine and revolt would thrust the country into revolution.

The scary prospect of a Mexican Revolution is that this could be exactly the opportunity that Hugo Chavez has been waiting for. With his influx of guns and money funneled directly from the Middle East and Russia, the entire Central American/ Mexican Region could militarize and the Border war would become 100 times bloodier than they are now. It would esentially be like living an hour away from Bahgdad, complete with car bombings and home invasions. The question is, would Obama do what is nessesary to protect his Citizens? Would he bring in the National Guard, the Air Force? Would he be able to do what needs to be done? Then there is the question of what to do with the "Ronald Gochez" problem? You know, the people who are sympathetic to "La Revolucion" and are living among us. Do we put them all in concentration camps? Imagine the Human Rights implications then! We probably would have to apologize to Cuba! I wish I had a peaceful solution to this situation. The only advise I can offer is a preemptive one. CLOSE THE BORDER. Unless we want our country turning into a battlefield.

Something else that happened just yesterday in Texas. The education commitee voted in a much more "Positive and Conservative" line of text books for the schools in Texas. The reason this is a victory of epic proportions for the entire country is that Texas buys more text books than any other state in the nation. This means that what happens in Texas, happens everywhere. Finally our children are not going to be raised to hate America and in the coming years (Post Obama) we will be well on our way to making our country whole again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yeah! Breadlines!

It's all connected people. I can't believe it. It goes against everything that I believe in my heart. Conspiracy theories make me laugh (right before I change the channel). But just for the sake of argument, let's go through it so I can attack it as unfounded ridiculousness...

Here in America today we have rising unemployment that has no signs of stopping except for Government jobs. An ever rising tax rate (here in AZ we just got hit with about 3 billion for the next 3 years) for everyone who would be selling luxury items, prepare to end up in the unemployment lines. Everyone that opposes the Regime (i.e. Tea Party) is ridiculed and scrutinized for some reason to persecute. Meanwhile, behind the innocent looking bookstore...40,000,ooo illegal immigrants suck on the tit of our entitlement programs, adding to the rising tax rate and overwhelming abyss of debt and dysfunction of our states, country and citizens. We are shackled to a state run school system that fell south of inept about 20 years ago and is now hovering over 3rd world status. Our youth is dumbed down and institutionalised to the point that the only way they will be able to keep a job is if it is handed to them on a silver platter by the state who needs a body to screw in a light bulb. We are on the verge of having a health care plan run by the government, which is going to lead to higher taxes and more unemployment (except in state jobs! are you seeing a trend?). By the time that happens, the now 47% of people who don't pay taxes will balloon to well over 60%. So that means that only 40% of the country will be paying taxes. I wonder what their tax rate would be? By then, sadly, it wouldn't matter, because the 60% majority would be cannibalizing the 40% minority by demanding more and more entitlements and wanting to do less and less. Until the 40% becomes 30%, at which time (if it hasn't already happened) the Government will swoop in and "Bailout" (or nationalize) the banking system. By this time, the global economy will be brought to it's knees because America has and always will be the engine that drives the global economy.

What happens when no one in the world has any money? Breadlines. That's what happens. Not unlike the welfare lines of today. People waiting in a huge line for food provided by the state. Just like the Soviet Republic. No money, no luxury, no exceptionalism. Only the state. Is anyone ready to put the tin foil on their heads so the aliens don't suck our brains out yet? Me neither. I'm just really pissed off and scared. Because this is the vision of the future for that President of ours. I could just see him sitting around with his friends when he was a teenager, passing around a joint and talking about how cool the future is going to be when there is no money and everyone just gets what ever they want (kinda like Star Trek. Couldn't you just see Obama in one of those spandex "Next Generation" body suits?).

The sad part in all of this is that we (Americans) did this to ourselves. We allowed ourselves to feel guilty for being successful and we want everyone to be successful. Sounds good on paper, but the reality is that a lot of people out there don't want to be successful. They don't share the American entrepreneurial spirit that this country was founded on. They don't know this because we stopped teaching them about it (goes back to Dumbing down students) in the classroom because we got so enthralled with test scores and so uninterested in the concept of free thinking. We are so concerned about everyone getting taken care of if they lose their job and so not concerned about getting those people who lost their jobs back into the job force. We are so intent on everyone being "Even Steven" that we are taking the innovators who make this country great and taking the incentive of being exceptional away, in essence binding both their hands behind their back.

Maybe I am crazy, but this all seems like a very uncanny kind of coincidence.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Screaming kids and the end of the world

Took the Kennedy's to a birthday party today. We (my wife and I) had a good time and made it out of there without incident (i.e. emergency room visit) and started on the journey home. We were trying (In vain) to have a conversation about the day and other miscellaneous conversation that one has with his wife when I noticed it. There we were, 2 feet away from each other and we couldn't hear each other speaking. My youngest was cooing (babies coo), my 2 yr old was crying (tired) and my oldest was engaging in what only can be described as a cheerful nonsensical chant, as he was obviously still high from the birthday party we were at.

Things are not so different here in Arizona. The AZ 1070 law has drawn a line in the sand, dividing houses, churches, and people within their own souls. Yet as we are ripped right down to our core beliefs and way of life, there are people on either side screaming in our ears (granted, I am one of them) about what side of that line we are supposed to be on. Too many people out there have been relying on those screaming voices to make their decisions for them. Why do they do that? Simple. We (earthlings) are lazy. We are more concerned with what dress Beyonce wore to the Grammy's or with "Keeping up with the Kardashians". It's too easy to get a soundbite off of "The Mike Broomhead show" (which I love) or to watch the "Bottom info line on CNN" to get the "vital information" that helps (makes) us make up our mind about things we can't speak intelligently about otherwise. Example: How many of us (I am guilty too) have taken a "talking point" off of the news and turned it into a conversation starter around the water-cooler (I hate that expression, "water cooler". Who actually stands around a water cooler?).

Everyone does it.... including our own U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. When he got cornered under oath, he HAD to admit that he had not read the bill. (You can't see it, but I'm doing a Touchdown Dance...YEAH!) It was both hilarious and frightening simultaneously to see him squirm like he forgot his "Preparation H" that morning. The fact that this moron has been threatening to bring the pain to Arizona for our "Mis-guided" law, makes me want to vomit. Obama has been saying it, Holder has been saying it, everyone who wants Amnesty for Illegals is saying it and the news wires and Liberal Media have been saying it. You see, the minute Liberals want conservatives to lay off an issue, they say one word. RACIST. It's like their "safe word". You know, like when you are in a sex club in Amsterdam and they strap your nipples to a car battery. You can say this word and they will stop zapping you. (not that I know anything about that... Cause... I don't) Think back to affirmative action. If you were against it, you were against minorities getting a "fair chance". In short, you were a Racist. How about something more recent? When Obama was running for the Presidency, what did everyone say? No, not Hope and Change. They said that the only reason a white person would not vote for Obama was the color of his skin. When McCain was trying to tell people what Obama was all about, Obama called for "clean politics" and no "negative campaigning". Naturally he meant that for McCain's camp only. Affirmative action for the White House. Only in America.

Now comes the why. Why do I do this? I do this for myself. I do the research, I build an opinion, I throw it up into cyberspace so I am able to sleep at night knowing that I did all that I could to make this world a better place. But why do they do it? Why would the media spend millions of dollars in lost ratings so they can be the puppet with Obama's hand up their ass, making their lips tell any lie he choses? (Now who needs a safe word?) Idealism. Like my Grandpa told me once, "A dog doesn't lick his balls for the salt." Why is it that they protect Obama and his minions from 90% of the damaging things that he does and then look like idiots when FOX News breaks the story. The answer is that it is in their culture. I will never forget what Tom Brokaw said the night Obama was elected. He looked at the news idiot next to him and said, (Paraphrasing) "so we have elected him to the Presidency, without knowing anything about him. What kind of President do you think he is going to be?" I turned the T.V. off and punched a hole into the wall. This is what we are dealing with. People don't care about the person they elect. They only care what side of "The Line" he is on.
So I guess the moral of the story today kids, is either do the research yourself or make damn sure the person giving you the info is not just a puppet.

Friday, May 14, 2010

is it 50? or 49 against 1?

I have tried to keep my feelings focused and centered about this whole boycott blame game that has been the fun thing to do here. I have tried to keep my issues with the government on a local level. I've tried to control my anger and disgust when other people have called me racist, lumping all of our state together as one big Fascist state that scum bags like Bill Mahr can poke fun at. I have laughed while trying not to scream at these people on the T.V. who can't seem to grasp the fact that we a drowning in the tsunami of illegal aliens, whitewashing over our state like a plague. The worst part about it is that just like in the Bible, the Leper is treated horribly and spat upon. Will no one tell our side? Someone from anywhere other than Arizona? Are we truly alone?

I saw that great Britain finally got a conservative in the Prime Minister's seat. Congrats to them. Even though they are stuck with a Liberal 2nd in command (I don't remember what it's called) I think they have realized that they are going to have to work together and I think their English Temperament will serve them well in that matter. Here in America, I think that would be an impossibility. The relationship between the Conservative and Liberal Factions has become more volatile and far removed than when WE took on the soviets in THE COLD WAR. That was a different country. It is almost like we have two countries on one land mass, but unlike the Civil War, we are all inter-mixed. Our enemies live next door to us. Their kids go to the same school that ours do. How do you fight a war like that? Do we have 50 state wide wars? that makes no sense. Could you imagine CNN or MSNBC or FOX trying to cover them all? Larry King would probably Keel over. (We wouldn't get that lucky). So do we then draw lines? Make people move to their designated "red" or "blue" state? I've looked at the lines....Logistically, it would be a nightmare

My wife and I used to fight a lot (as newlyweds often do). She has a pretty awesome temper and I am extremely stubborn and set in my ways. Sometimes the fights would be so horrendous that I couldn't even stand to look at myself in the mirror. So I would leave. I would get in my car and drive. "I'm never going back" I would say to myself, and I would start planning how things were going to be. "Well, I'm going to have to move out, so I'll only see my son once or twice a week." (which that alone would probably have killed me. "and then she'll probably start dating" (which would have definitely killed me, because in spite of the anger I felt, I love her more than anything else in the world). Then I'll have to share "Dad time", which probably would've killed the boyfriend, because I would've killed him. Then I would stop the car and look up...and I would be home. I would turn off the engine and thank God for leading me back.

Right now there is a lot of pain in our country. The "person" who was supposed to unite our country had divided it more than ever. Pitting brother against brother and father against son, creating a gap between us deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. So we stand on either side shouting obscenities at each other from the safety of our side. We can all agree that November looms like a dark cloud over every Liberal in America. Surely the carnage that will be inflicted on them is sure to be severe, but it will not kill them. Unless we are willing to step on their necks and drive the sword into their hearts (which I don't think I can do), we are going to have to find a way to co-exist. Sorry to get so serious. I'll change the subject (but we will have to finish this conversation at one point).

I was emotionally moved today when I heard from Texas Radio Personality, Michael Perry. For the first time since 1070 was signed, I have felt like an American again. So thank you Texas. You don't know what that feels like until it happens to you, and as a Proud American, I would never wish that on anyone. (except for people that aren't Americans and are here Illegally, I want them to feel as uncomfortable as possible). I can't wait to see you all at the rally on June 5th. I'll probably hug every damn one of you. (so don't be offended)

Big Vote coming up on Tuesday in AZ

It's not an exciting vote like AZ 1070. No we're not voting out the Democrats or Obama (can't wait for that one). Today, I am going to talk about the "Proposition 100". The "education bill" as it has been dubbed, also has tied in the Fire dept. , the Police Dept. , DPS , State Universities (I'm not sure I count them as "education" because they have lately been more like Radical Liberal Breeding pools) and other little organizations which I will refer to as "the kitchen sink".

Obviously education is important to the youth of America, they are our future and all that jazz. If we had a top 10-20 school rating and we were trying to get our schools over the top, that would be one thing. That is not the case. Arizona is among the WORST in education in the entire country!! (46th to be exact) Our education system has been a bottomless pit of misguided spending and failed programs. Not to mention, all of the money we (taxpayers) have been paying for the education of ILLEGAL ALIENS or their children. Hopefully we can curb that amount with the institution of AZ 1070. (I'll get back to that later.)

What needs to be done (unfortunately) is...wait. That's right. The answer is to be patient and NOT have a knee-jerk reaction. To vote yes on this now is to say that we like what is going on in our school system AND that we want more of the same. More programs like the "La Raza Classes" that were just banned by our Governor this week because (as it turns out) she and others have deemed them to be Racist and anti-American. We have been paying for "Teachers" (I use the term very loosely) to break our students up by race (Mexican, Black and Native American) and tell them a history about how the "white people" have oppressed them, making heroes out of Communists like Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro. Teaching students out of a book titled "Occupied America", a book that states that we stole California, Arizona and other states from Mexico. So....we are spending money for people to "dumb down" and revolutionize our youth? No thank you. (by dividing the students by race...Isn't that racial profiling?)

By doing nothing...the unions and the Education System will be FORCED to make more "TOUGH" decisions. In essence they are going to have to change the way they are spending there money....our have a different bake sale every week, to keep it the same. Maybe if the unions and other people wouldn't do things like spending a reported 1.5 million dollars on "tug at your heart string" radio, TV and Poster and billboard adds they would be able to help themselves. Make no mistake....they are asking for a BAILOUT. A bailout to the tune of a BILLION dollars per year for 3 years. The education portion of the BAILOUT gets 2/3rds, so technically it is only 2 BILLION dollars. 2 BILLION dollars to maintain a 46 out of 50 in education? No thank you.

Now I never complain about something without having "my own solution" (a mantra I've adopted from the catholic church after being rooked into volunteering after complaining). AZ 1070 (when implemented in July) is going to be the beginning of a fundamental and financial change for our state. The money that the State of Arizona is going to save in the long run (Education, Health care costs, welfare, Law enforcement and detention centers) is going to dwarf any money we could give them. The fact that that money is out there and going to the care of people that are not even here legally, makes me want to vomit....Oops! I just did!

My advise to everyone....Be patient. We can always give them money, but once we give it...we don't get it back!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AZ has "Charlie Brown Syndrome"

Geez! I take one night off to get a little exorcise and it seems like the whole world is discombobulated (more so than usual). I heard that Los Angeles has decided to join San Francisco in the race to see who can be the most intolerant. Just what we need...more boy cotters. That's all I heard on the news today. Up to 56 million in lost revenue. Put it on our tab. The way I see it L.A. is doing us a huge favor. Think about it, California is committing financial Sepaku right now and is literally weeks (not months) away from declaring Bankruptcy. So what happens when they do that? The federal Government steps in with a gargantuan bailout (just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water) and then they raise our taxes. At least we won't get the extra 56 mil thrown on top like the world's largest, ironic cherry. (I know that 56 million is not going to make a difference, but I will feel a lot better) Personally, I can't wait to see Gov. Arnold begging Obama in that horrible German accent..."Our funds have been terminated. We need money! do it now!" That is going to be a great press conference. How the hell did that guy ever get confused for a conservative...ridiculous.

Glad to see that my best friends at "La Raza" are getting all of the wrong publicity. That Jack-ass Ronald Gochez is getting his ass googled more than when Brittany Spears had that "wardrobe malfunction" and then followed it up by shaving her head. (which was her shinning moment I must say). Yup, that youtube video is now the stuff of legend. Did anyone else hear that the video was made in 2007? Kinda makes you wonder how this guy still teaches at the same school? I mean, he kind of stuck his ass out in the wind. Also...if this video was made in 2007, how far into his plans, how many young minds has he infected? How much hate has he conjured up in the three years since? How many little mini-mees has he cloned in his own image? Governor Brewer helped us out today by signing into law the bill that prohibits the segrigation of students by race to teach them by race. I was talking about this on 5/4 when I was talking about all of the money wasted on education. Check it out if you want more info. Anyway, major victory for the good guys.

We have a lot of work to do. Part of our end game or "final solution" to this problem is going to be deprogramming all of the minds that little automatons like this Gochez have warped. We won't get them all, but small-minded thinking needs to be kept in small numbers. While I can't yet go into great details of the plans to be set into motion, I can say that it will start in November. We will use the only weapon that they have left us with, our vote.

Speaking of November...

My birthday is in November and what could be a better Birthday present than to see fresh Donkey (Democrat) blood rain down from the heavens. With November looming and the undoubted sleepless nights coming for the soon to be defeated Democrats it is time to decide. Who is to stay and who is to go? Clearly we take as many Dems as we can, but what about those incumbent Republicans? The "John McCains" of the world. The men and women that were here when we needed help and did nothing but worried about steroids in baseball (for example). People that we entrusted the country with because we thought that they shared our beliefs. We trusted them because they had an "R" next to their name and their picture was outlined in Red instead of blue (I am guilty of the same thing).

The other day I was watching T.V. with my wife when the phone rang. My wife got up and answered it and after a few simple innocuous answers, she said "John McCain" thanked the person, and hung up. I looked at her puzzled, "What was that?" I asked. As it turns out, it was a pollster checking to see who we were in favor of for the primary. That was the day I decided that I needed to do something. We do what we know. What is comfortable. John McCain is like that old shoe sitting in the closet that is worn out on the sides and the tread is gone. You know the pair. It has grass stains on it from cutting the lawn. You don't throw it away because it has become your "go to" shoe. The one you use for chores around the house, the one that you don't mind if it gets paint on it. At one time those shoes had a single purpose. Now, they do everything but that one purpose. That is John McCain. We voted him in back in who knows when because he had one purpose. Now he is serving every purpose but the one we voted him in for in the first place! We need to examine each primary individualy, pick the best candidate for what we as a state and we as a country need right now. I don't care if the person only lasts one term. Let that person do it until we find someone better. The minute that tread starts to wear down. I am commited to never get comfortable with another elected official again. If we don't hold them accountable, no one will.

Monday, May 10, 2010

That's it!!! I'm buying a gun!!!

My lawyers (in my head) are telling me that I have to clarify that. To which I reply...."Okay, I'm buying a gun...Today! Immediately! Pronto! (but that a racist comment...the pronto?) Anyway, I woke up this morning with a splitting headache but I didn't let it keep me down (that's what pills are for). I got ready, dropped the Kennedy's off at their designated day care / School areas, dropped off the dog at the groomers and began my day when I decided to turn on the radio and see what had happened with BP and the oil spill. That's when all the trouble started...

While driving, I was listening to "The Nearly Famous Barry Young Show" (quite possibly the funniest morning show in the history of talk radio). All of the sudden, they started talking about "La Raza" and a High School Teacher in San Tee, who was speaking out at a rally. So I thought "Hmm, High School teacher, probably just making sure the kids weren't getting too unruly, and said something stupid, which turned into a soundbite for Barry and Michelle to crack on him for". Harmless...right? Wrong. What this teacher was saying reminded me of Mel Gibson in "Brave heart" before he had his men go into battle.

So, I listened to it 2 times in the car and then when I got to work...4 more times. So...what I was wondering was...why in the hell is Janet Nepoli-skankfest looking at our Veterans and the Tea Party for possible Terror attacks? It seems to me like the word "Revolutionary" might be Spanish for TERRORIST!! They are calling for every Hispanic person in America to take their rightful country back? So I decided to look up exactly how we stole that whole California territory.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed on February 2, 1848, by American diplomat Nicholas Trist and Mexican plenipotentiary representatives Luis G. Cuevas, Bernardo Couto, and Miguel Atristain, ended the war and gave the U.S. undisputed control of Texas, established the U.S.-Mexican border of the Rio Grande River, and ceded to the United States the present-day states of California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. In return Mexico received US $18,250,000

So...we bought it. Maybe we could just produce a receipt and fax it to these La Raza guys and they will just shut up... Not likely. This High school teacher referred to living in America as being in "the belly of the beast". He was calling out for students and others in the crowd not to write books or learn or talk about revolution, but to live revolution every minute of every day. And the whole time I was hearing this, I was imagining that there was a little white kid in his class. I hope for his sake there wasn't. I remember going to high school and while not trying to learn, I actually learned alot. I went to school in California, and I don't remember our teachers telling us to start a revolution. I don't remember being told that we were on the northern front of a revolution. I must have played hooky that day.

So I spent the rest of the day stewing about how I was going to buy a gun or five or six. "Bring it on!" I thought. Because I'm not going to be afraid, and neither should anyone else. This is our land. We allow guests in (immigrants) with open arms. It is time for the uninvited guests (illegal aliens) to go. Now I'm not telling you to go out and look for a fight, (because if you do go all vigilante on me, I'm gonna laugh at you when I watch you on "COPS") all I am saying is; Keep your eyes open and keep your ears open. So I was mad all day and into the night, ready to hit this blog like a possessed banshee. Screaming obscenities and calling all to arms like Paul Revere. Except instead I would be yelling "La Raza is coming!! La Raza is coming!!"

Then just when My wife goes to bed to give me quiet so I can concentrate, I see on the news that other states are working with Arizona Lawmakers to mirror our new 1070! Just want to give a quick shout out to; Idaho, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Minnesota. Welcome to the Revolution. We have cookies. when I heard this news I was Jubilant (can I say Jubilant without sounding gay? Probably not...but who cares). Then she come on the TV and ruined all of my fun. Kirsten Sinema. (or Kirsten Enema as I have affectionately Dubbed her) She came on saying how she had no doubt that the law would be Repealed and the other states would give up as well. By the way, is that a wig she is wearing? Don't mean to be a hater....but....she is not attractive.......slump buster. that's all I got today.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How do we keep our resolve without going insane!!!

Alright, I only have an hour or so before I'm gonna have to go to bed. Today has been a great day. A day without news or depressing visuals from Greece (the crystal ball that every Republican looks at to tell the future of our country if we don't change our ways). It was a day filled with love and family. My wife, knowing how vexed I have been with all of the issues surrounding our country like a ravenous pack of wolves, she kept me away from the computer, the news and bless her heart, she held me to 2 twitter checks all day! Amazing.

Now however, as my wife and the Kennedy's (my children) lay asleep in bed, I sit here awake rumbling. I just wanted to check. No big deal. I thought I could just surf around for 10-15 minutes, find nothing interesting and just go to bed. But the more I look around...the more I find that things are making me angry. Not just "Boy Chad, did you see that thing on the news yesterday? That's just too bad", angry. No, I'm talking about more like, "Hey Chad. Did you bring your shot gun? Let's go on the rooftops and shoot the first person we see that has an Obama bumper sticker on his car!" That kind of mad. The kind of mad that is shameful for a person to admit. I admit it. It is wrong. I know. But what is the alternative? It seems like everyday we are getting poked in the ribs by someone who either wants us to apologize or wants us to conform, or bend, or agree, or sign on, or give up.

First let me drop my disclaimer, "I don't condone violence and please take what I say for what it is, just random thoughts. Do NOT want anyone to shoot at Obama Supporters (the last thing we need is more martyrs)."

That said....what do we do? We are trapped in a cage match with both hands tied behind our backs. Example; when Obama was running for President, (seems like forever ago to me. God make it stop!) whenever someone tried to say anything negative about Obama, they were charged with "not running a clean campaign" or "mud slinging" which with Obama was code for "attacking a black man" or "being racist or a bigot". McCain (not that he was very formidable anyway) didn't have a chance. Problems like this have plagued us for years. The big bad Republicans only care about money and war. We have seen over the past two weeks that Obama has taken money from Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum (BP), More than any other politician. Democrats are hiding behind the very large "Race card" that they have constructed since "Affirmative Action".

The answer is simple...We ARE doing all that we can do. Spend the next couple of months getting who we want in line for the elections. Raise funds, Raise awareness and be vigilant. I live in Mesa, AZ. Anyone who is familiar with Mesa, knows that we have one of the biggest populations of Mormons this side of Utah. I am a Catholic. I liken the Republican Party to the Catholic Organization and the Mormon Organization to the Democrats. Now before I start getting hate mail from the Mormons, hear me out.

The Mormon Church is very astute in networking, as are the Democrats. Did you ever wonder why every Mormon you knew growing up had a trampoline? The answer is simple. Almost all trampoline companies are based in Utah. You guessed it. They are owned by Mormons. They support each other, they patronize each other, they fight for a common goal. Sound familiar? Now being Catholic, I know a little more about the "In's and outs" of the Organization. Catholics are only now scratching the surface of their networking potential. They spend more time and money taking care of people who can't take care of themselves....Hmm....Sound familiar?

Now for extra credit, why do you think that the Democrats and the "Lap dog Media" have spent so much time discounting and not covering the TEA PARTY? Do they not deem it news worthy? Why do they scream racism without proof? Why Does Janet Nepoli-Skankfest tell us that our terrorist attacks are going to start coming from angry white men, War Veterans, and Right-wing Extremists? The answer is simple.....THEY ARE AFRAID!!! Conservatives coming together at rallies in the numbers that they are would be like Catholics riding on bikes, door to door, to beg you to come to their Church. That just doesn't happen. The Catholics and the Republican causes both enjoy seating on the correct side of the majority. They don't need to go out and get you. You (the majority of Americans) seek them out.

So the lesson here I guess is; by staying the course you are winning. In fact, the only way we can lose is if one of us loses their cool and does something stupid to disgrace the Tea Party Movement. So do what you have to do. Send money to the GOP if that helps you sleep. Personally, I just scream into a pillow when no one is around, or I just hop on here and yell into cyberspace until I can't keep my eyes open. Speaking of....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Education bill in AZ a Sham

In a few weeks there is going to be a special vote. All of the Arizona citizens are going to the polls to decide either to add a new tax to take care of the massive shortfall in school money. If we vote yes on this bill, AZ tax-payers are adding 1 cent to the taxes that they already pay to help to cover the money needed for education. As a conservative and someone who has had to tighten his financial belt, I have had apprehensions about making this commitment. I was starting to soften in my stance of late, as I'm sure that most others are also having a bit of a gut check. With all of the commercials on the radio telling us to "make the tough decision" and the billboards plastered around town, it is easy to see why our resolve is in question.

Maybe this will help...

The school district in AJO has been busy of late, taking care of all the students....THAT LIVE IN MEXICO!!!! After an audit by the superintendent of schools of AZ. It was discovered that over 100 students in the AJO district had falsified addresses here in the states, but in actuality, resided in Mexico. Now I know what you are thinking....How much can 100 students really cost? Well, let me tell you. After preforming the audit, the state superintendent wrote a report explaining the offenses and handed the AJO school district a bill for roughly 1.2 million dollars (give of take a few dollars either way). That will be taken out of AJO's funding for next year. (Please take a deep breath and allow this to sink in....)

Meanwhile in Tucson....

our tax dollars are breeding racism and racial division. Check this link out!!

With these GREAT programs and many many more that we have no idea about, it is apparent to me that we will be throwing good money after bad by giving a yes vote. I think that if we stop giving them money, it would in a sense be like when you turn a light on and all of the cockroaches scatter. They will have to cut programs, and we will figure out what is truly necessary. Some times "The tough to not make the tough decision"

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day "peaceful protests" and NY "stalled car"

How is it that the Tea Party can get riot police called on them for singing "God Bless America" and the so-called "May Day" Marchers can parade through the streets breaking windows, throwing paint bombs, and spraying graffiti on the walls and none of it is on the main street media? I am absolutely appalled (though not surprised) that these people holding anti-American pictures depicting the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer as Adolf Hitler and Sheriff Joe Arpio as a Klan member. Despicable. Had the Tea party done something like that with Obama or Reid or Pelosi... well The Tea party would never do that. They continue to take it all in stride. The abuse from the democrats, the media, the president. Could you imagine President Bush saying something negative about a grass-roots movement? A person in Iraq threw 2 shoes at Bush, and President Bush (after ducking) let the guy ask a question. Could you imagine Obama doing that? The answer people is no. We are dealing with a class-less person who has only one thing on his mind. Pushing forward his own agenda.

So this weekend I was busy working with the Wife and was unable to watch or listen to the news. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I saw on the news the "Man made disaster attempt". (laughter) Two things struck me as I watched the coverage. 1. Holy Crap, did we get lucky. 2. close the damn border. How many times does New York have to get hit before we do something about it? I also heard that they were looking for a middle aged white man. Since all of the middle aged white men are tea Party followers, it made sense they wuld throw that out there. (pathetic)

The events this weekend have proven yet again, that we need to take our national security seriously. While I was glad to see the protesters out there, (there were tens of tens of them!) most of them acted ridiculously immature. If there was a Mexican-American problem with the new law, well lets just say I find it very hard to believe that they would stand next to the people protesting without a "I'm with stupid" T-shirt.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tales from an Arizona Redneck??

As I have said before, I live here in AZ. I love it here. I work in a job that makes a modest income and allows me my true passion. To interact with people from all walks of life. I take the time to see the world through their eyes, through their perspectives. Everyone I come in contact with, from radio and TV personalities to delivery drivers, Hispanic or black or white, Democrat or Republican, Everyone here that I have talked to can agree on three things.

The first is that Illegal Immigration into Arizona is getting out of control. People outside of the "border states" don't understand this. "Non-Border state" people envision the movie Born in East L.A. with Cheech Marin running and hiding, trying to get people across the border, and having an "aw shucks" attitude when the mean old border patrol agents catch him. These Illegal Invaders are now carrying assault rifles and they are using them. (Another Law Enforcement Officer was shot down yesterday, by "suspected Illegal Immigrants".

The second thing that I've learned is that the supposed "Sanctions and Boycotts" that have been already placed or are going to be placed are ridiculously hilarious (or at least they would be if they weren't so insulting). In fact, I don't recall such disdain and disregard from state to state since....Well, that would have to be the Civil War. Now I know what you're thinking. You're (outsiders) thinking "exactly right!" That we are not unlike the slave traders of the South, holding our thumb down on someone with darker skin than our own. The one problem with that, is that we are not trying to hold on to illegal immigrants, we are trying the expel and repel them. We want them out of our country. THE ONE'S THAT ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!!! This country was founded by immigrants, and without Lawful immigration I know that I for one wouldn't be here. These People coming across the border illegally, most of them are coming across for legitimate and honorable reasons. Either they are trying to make money to send back to their families still in Mexico, or they are trying to make a new life for themselves. The problem is, these people they are not paying into the system which they want to be apart of and they are taking all of the freedoms and privileges as if they were (such as health care, social security, education and welfare). Then there is the other people coming in, the criminals. Over 17% of all illegal immigrants caught, were previously convicted of a crime here in the U.S. and were shipped back to Mexico, only to come on back and do it again!!! OVER 17%.

The final thing that everyone here is saying, is that our government (past and present) has done nothing to help us. Even Our own Janet Nepoli-skankfest, spits in our face. She even had the stones to say a few days ago that "Our Borders are more secure now than they have ever been". She was our Governor last year!!! President Obama does nothing but spur on the lies and rhetoric that the left media repeats like the "good parrot on his shoulder" that they are, begging for a cracker. Has no one read the law? Has Obama read it? Given the way he has responded to it, there is a good chance he hasn't. Does anyone care?

The one good thing that I have heard out of all of this is that a few other states have read the law. Texas has already started planning a bill to mirror our law, and I just heard yesterday that in colorado 66% of people were in favor of doing the same. If the government isn't going to help us until November (you know what happens in November), then we have to attack this thing state to state. "No ten point plan". How about a 2-point plan. 1. Close the Border 2. Enforce the law. That's it.