Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Vote coming up on Tuesday in AZ

It's not an exciting vote like AZ 1070. No we're not voting out the Democrats or Obama (can't wait for that one). Today, I am going to talk about the "Proposition 100". The "education bill" as it has been dubbed, also has tied in the Fire dept. , the Police Dept. , DPS , State Universities (I'm not sure I count them as "education" because they have lately been more like Radical Liberal Breeding pools) and other little organizations which I will refer to as "the kitchen sink".

Obviously education is important to the youth of America, they are our future and all that jazz. If we had a top 10-20 school rating and we were trying to get our schools over the top, that would be one thing. That is not the case. Arizona is among the WORST in education in the entire country!! (46th to be exact) Our education system has been a bottomless pit of misguided spending and failed programs. Not to mention, all of the money we (taxpayers) have been paying for the education of ILLEGAL ALIENS or their children. Hopefully we can curb that amount with the institution of AZ 1070. (I'll get back to that later.)

What needs to be done (unfortunately) is...wait. That's right. The answer is to be patient and NOT have a knee-jerk reaction. To vote yes on this now is to say that we like what is going on in our school system AND that we want more of the same. More programs like the "La Raza Classes" that were just banned by our Governor this week because (as it turns out) she and others have deemed them to be Racist and anti-American. We have been paying for "Teachers" (I use the term very loosely) to break our students up by race (Mexican, Black and Native American) and tell them a history about how the "white people" have oppressed them, making heroes out of Communists like Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro. Teaching students out of a book titled "Occupied America", a book that states that we stole California, Arizona and other states from Mexico. So....we are spending money for people to "dumb down" and revolutionize our youth? No thank you. (by dividing the students by race...Isn't that racial profiling?)

By doing nothing...the unions and the Education System will be FORCED to make more "TOUGH" decisions. In essence they are going to have to change the way they are spending there money....our have a different bake sale every week, to keep it the same. Maybe if the unions and other people wouldn't do things like spending a reported 1.5 million dollars on "tug at your heart string" radio, TV and Poster and billboard adds they would be able to help themselves. Make no mistake....they are asking for a BAILOUT. A bailout to the tune of a BILLION dollars per year for 3 years. The education portion of the BAILOUT gets 2/3rds, so technically it is only 2 BILLION dollars. 2 BILLION dollars to maintain a 46 out of 50 in education? No thank you.

Now I never complain about something without having "my own solution" (a mantra I've adopted from the catholic church after being rooked into volunteering after complaining). AZ 1070 (when implemented in July) is going to be the beginning of a fundamental and financial change for our state. The money that the State of Arizona is going to save in the long run (Education, Health care costs, welfare, Law enforcement and detention centers) is going to dwarf any money we could give them. The fact that that money is out there and going to the care of people that are not even here legally, makes me want to vomit....Oops! I just did!

My advise to everyone....Be patient. We can always give them money, but once we give it...we don't get it back!


  1. State and local governments do this every time they are asked to cut back. The FIRST place they cut is education, police and fire. The thought is to make the cuts as painful as they can for the public so that the public will never ask them to cut back again. Then the schools, police and fire do the same thing they cut services in way to infect the most pain on the public so they will not be asked to take cuts again. This must stop!! There is plenty that can be cut before they get around to the essential services they so quickly cut. I stopped believing in the “it’s all about the children” mantra when Sally Struthers jumped on the starving children bandwagon years ago. Vote no on 100

  2. Wasn't it funny about the sally struthers thing how she kept getting fatter and fatter and the kids kept getting skinnier and skinnier? Kind of like our education fund...but I just realized that you were just making that job. It is past my bed time.