Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Education bill in AZ a Sham

In a few weeks there is going to be a special vote. All of the Arizona citizens are going to the polls to decide either to add a new tax to take care of the massive shortfall in school money. If we vote yes on this bill, AZ tax-payers are adding 1 cent to the taxes that they already pay to help to cover the money needed for education. As a conservative and someone who has had to tighten his financial belt, I have had apprehensions about making this commitment. I was starting to soften in my stance of late, as I'm sure that most others are also having a bit of a gut check. With all of the commercials on the radio telling us to "make the tough decision" and the billboards plastered around town, it is easy to see why our resolve is in question.

Maybe this will help...

The school district in AJO has been busy of late, taking care of all the students....THAT LIVE IN MEXICO!!!! After an audit by the superintendent of schools of AZ. It was discovered that over 100 students in the AJO district had falsified addresses here in the states, but in actuality, resided in Mexico. Now I know what you are thinking....How much can 100 students really cost? Well, let me tell you. After preforming the audit, the state superintendent wrote a report explaining the offenses and handed the AJO school district a bill for roughly 1.2 million dollars (give of take a few dollars either way). That will be taken out of AJO's funding for next year. (Please take a deep breath and allow this to sink in....)

Meanwhile in Tucson....

our tax dollars are breeding racism and racial division. Check this link out!!

With these GREAT programs and many many more that we have no idea about, it is apparent to me that we will be throwing good money after bad by giving a yes vote. I think that if we stop giving them money, it would in a sense be like when you turn a light on and all of the cockroaches scatter. They will have to cut programs, and we will figure out what is truly necessary. Some times "The tough decision.....is to not make the tough decision"

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