Friday, May 14, 2010

is it 50? or 49 against 1?

I have tried to keep my feelings focused and centered about this whole boycott blame game that has been the fun thing to do here. I have tried to keep my issues with the government on a local level. I've tried to control my anger and disgust when other people have called me racist, lumping all of our state together as one big Fascist state that scum bags like Bill Mahr can poke fun at. I have laughed while trying not to scream at these people on the T.V. who can't seem to grasp the fact that we a drowning in the tsunami of illegal aliens, whitewashing over our state like a plague. The worst part about it is that just like in the Bible, the Leper is treated horribly and spat upon. Will no one tell our side? Someone from anywhere other than Arizona? Are we truly alone?

I saw that great Britain finally got a conservative in the Prime Minister's seat. Congrats to them. Even though they are stuck with a Liberal 2nd in command (I don't remember what it's called) I think they have realized that they are going to have to work together and I think their English Temperament will serve them well in that matter. Here in America, I think that would be an impossibility. The relationship between the Conservative and Liberal Factions has become more volatile and far removed than when WE took on the soviets in THE COLD WAR. That was a different country. It is almost like we have two countries on one land mass, but unlike the Civil War, we are all inter-mixed. Our enemies live next door to us. Their kids go to the same school that ours do. How do you fight a war like that? Do we have 50 state wide wars? that makes no sense. Could you imagine CNN or MSNBC or FOX trying to cover them all? Larry King would probably Keel over. (We wouldn't get that lucky). So do we then draw lines? Make people move to their designated "red" or "blue" state? I've looked at the lines....Logistically, it would be a nightmare

My wife and I used to fight a lot (as newlyweds often do). She has a pretty awesome temper and I am extremely stubborn and set in my ways. Sometimes the fights would be so horrendous that I couldn't even stand to look at myself in the mirror. So I would leave. I would get in my car and drive. "I'm never going back" I would say to myself, and I would start planning how things were going to be. "Well, I'm going to have to move out, so I'll only see my son once or twice a week." (which that alone would probably have killed me. "and then she'll probably start dating" (which would have definitely killed me, because in spite of the anger I felt, I love her more than anything else in the world). Then I'll have to share "Dad time", which probably would've killed the boyfriend, because I would've killed him. Then I would stop the car and look up...and I would be home. I would turn off the engine and thank God for leading me back.

Right now there is a lot of pain in our country. The "person" who was supposed to unite our country had divided it more than ever. Pitting brother against brother and father against son, creating a gap between us deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. So we stand on either side shouting obscenities at each other from the safety of our side. We can all agree that November looms like a dark cloud over every Liberal in America. Surely the carnage that will be inflicted on them is sure to be severe, but it will not kill them. Unless we are willing to step on their necks and drive the sword into their hearts (which I don't think I can do), we are going to have to find a way to co-exist. Sorry to get so serious. I'll change the subject (but we will have to finish this conversation at one point).

I was emotionally moved today when I heard from Texas Radio Personality, Michael Perry. For the first time since 1070 was signed, I have felt like an American again. So thank you Texas. You don't know what that feels like until it happens to you, and as a Proud American, I would never wish that on anyone. (except for people that aren't Americans and are here Illegally, I want them to feel as uncomfortable as possible). I can't wait to see you all at the rally on June 5th. I'll probably hug every damn one of you. (so don't be offended)

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