Sunday, May 9, 2010

How do we keep our resolve without going insane!!!

Alright, I only have an hour or so before I'm gonna have to go to bed. Today has been a great day. A day without news or depressing visuals from Greece (the crystal ball that every Republican looks at to tell the future of our country if we don't change our ways). It was a day filled with love and family. My wife, knowing how vexed I have been with all of the issues surrounding our country like a ravenous pack of wolves, she kept me away from the computer, the news and bless her heart, she held me to 2 twitter checks all day! Amazing.

Now however, as my wife and the Kennedy's (my children) lay asleep in bed, I sit here awake rumbling. I just wanted to check. No big deal. I thought I could just surf around for 10-15 minutes, find nothing interesting and just go to bed. But the more I look around...the more I find that things are making me angry. Not just "Boy Chad, did you see that thing on the news yesterday? That's just too bad", angry. No, I'm talking about more like, "Hey Chad. Did you bring your shot gun? Let's go on the rooftops and shoot the first person we see that has an Obama bumper sticker on his car!" That kind of mad. The kind of mad that is shameful for a person to admit. I admit it. It is wrong. I know. But what is the alternative? It seems like everyday we are getting poked in the ribs by someone who either wants us to apologize or wants us to conform, or bend, or agree, or sign on, or give up.

First let me drop my disclaimer, "I don't condone violence and please take what I say for what it is, just random thoughts. Do NOT want anyone to shoot at Obama Supporters (the last thing we need is more martyrs)."

That said....what do we do? We are trapped in a cage match with both hands tied behind our backs. Example; when Obama was running for President, (seems like forever ago to me. God make it stop!) whenever someone tried to say anything negative about Obama, they were charged with "not running a clean campaign" or "mud slinging" which with Obama was code for "attacking a black man" or "being racist or a bigot". McCain (not that he was very formidable anyway) didn't have a chance. Problems like this have plagued us for years. The big bad Republicans only care about money and war. We have seen over the past two weeks that Obama has taken money from Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum (BP), More than any other politician. Democrats are hiding behind the very large "Race card" that they have constructed since "Affirmative Action".

The answer is simple...We ARE doing all that we can do. Spend the next couple of months getting who we want in line for the elections. Raise funds, Raise awareness and be vigilant. I live in Mesa, AZ. Anyone who is familiar with Mesa, knows that we have one of the biggest populations of Mormons this side of Utah. I am a Catholic. I liken the Republican Party to the Catholic Organization and the Mormon Organization to the Democrats. Now before I start getting hate mail from the Mormons, hear me out.

The Mormon Church is very astute in networking, as are the Democrats. Did you ever wonder why every Mormon you knew growing up had a trampoline? The answer is simple. Almost all trampoline companies are based in Utah. You guessed it. They are owned by Mormons. They support each other, they patronize each other, they fight for a common goal. Sound familiar? Now being Catholic, I know a little more about the "In's and outs" of the Organization. Catholics are only now scratching the surface of their networking potential. They spend more time and money taking care of people who can't take care of themselves....Hmm....Sound familiar?

Now for extra credit, why do you think that the Democrats and the "Lap dog Media" have spent so much time discounting and not covering the TEA PARTY? Do they not deem it news worthy? Why do they scream racism without proof? Why Does Janet Nepoli-Skankfest tell us that our terrorist attacks are going to start coming from angry white men, War Veterans, and Right-wing Extremists? The answer is simple.....THEY ARE AFRAID!!! Conservatives coming together at rallies in the numbers that they are would be like Catholics riding on bikes, door to door, to beg you to come to their Church. That just doesn't happen. The Catholics and the Republican causes both enjoy seating on the correct side of the majority. They don't need to go out and get you. You (the majority of Americans) seek them out.

So the lesson here I guess is; by staying the course you are winning. In fact, the only way we can lose is if one of us loses their cool and does something stupid to disgrace the Tea Party Movement. So do what you have to do. Send money to the GOP if that helps you sleep. Personally, I just scream into a pillow when no one is around, or I just hop on here and yell into cyberspace until I can't keep my eyes open. Speaking of....

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