Friday, May 21, 2010

Arizona....Spearhead or Ejector Seat?

For the last few days since my last rant, I took some time for personal reflection. I challenged my beliefs (watched MSNBC) for what seemed like an eternity (10 minutes) before coming to an understanding. The kind of understanding that lets you relax, because you know that it can't get any worse. Of course, you know that isn't true or I wouldn't be writing....

President Calderon of Mexico came by to visit and join the fight against Arizona along with our own President, calling for reform (which I thought we did by passing 1070?) to the thunderous applause of the Democrats in the building. He was telling us that we need to Ban the sale of automatic weapons and other Guns, because they are sneaking across the border. 80% of guns in Mexico are from here afterall. That 80% has been thrown around alot since Obama has been in office, when the truth of the matter is it is less than 15%. That 80% came from Pelosi and reid when they were trying to carve out the Heart of the 2nd Amendment last year, and the media took the number and planted it into the heads of every man, woman and child within shouting distance. The Mexican President also condemned Arizona law, stating that it was racially motivated.

Meanwhile...Here in Arizona...

Senator Russel Pierce is hard at work, possibly working on his next piece of legislation. (If I had just fathered SB 1070, I would be smoking a Cigar and sitting in a hot tub for a while.) The new Bill (rumored) is one that could spark even more controversy than 1070 did (and you think they hate us now!) This Bill tackles the "Anchor Baby" epidemic that has plagued our country for decades. As everyone knows, Aliens to this nation have been coming over here, on the verge of giving birth, They use our emergency rooms (gratis) and give birth to an American Citizen? No other country in the world allows this. Nowhere in the 14th ammendment of the Constitution does it say that if you give birth to a baby in our country, but are not here legally yourself, that child is granted U.S. Citizenship! This is something that has been ignored for too long and now we're going to have to fight for. If this bill becomes law, a fight is what we'll get. Maybe two. The first fight is the one we want. The one that takes the bill all the way to the Supreme Court, where they would almost certainly have to deem the law Constitutional, thus openning the door for ALL STATES to follow in our footsteps. The other fight....not so good.

A law like this, combined with 1070, without closing the border could potentially have bloody consequences. Without the influx of money coming from the U.S. via Illegals sending money back home (an estimated 20 Billion dollars leaving our country annually) and Mexico's 2 top exports to the U.S., (drugs and human trafficing, easily 50-100 billion annually) fencing that off would de-stablize Mexico and by proxy, all of Central America. Now do you see why President Calderon is so against 1070? Cutting off that constant supply of money to his people would have disaterous results. Mexico's already dismal economy would destabalize, famine and revolt would thrust the country into revolution.

The scary prospect of a Mexican Revolution is that this could be exactly the opportunity that Hugo Chavez has been waiting for. With his influx of guns and money funneled directly from the Middle East and Russia, the entire Central American/ Mexican Region could militarize and the Border war would become 100 times bloodier than they are now. It would esentially be like living an hour away from Bahgdad, complete with car bombings and home invasions. The question is, would Obama do what is nessesary to protect his Citizens? Would he bring in the National Guard, the Air Force? Would he be able to do what needs to be done? Then there is the question of what to do with the "Ronald Gochez" problem? You know, the people who are sympathetic to "La Revolucion" and are living among us. Do we put them all in concentration camps? Imagine the Human Rights implications then! We probably would have to apologize to Cuba! I wish I had a peaceful solution to this situation. The only advise I can offer is a preemptive one. CLOSE THE BORDER. Unless we want our country turning into a battlefield.

Something else that happened just yesterday in Texas. The education commitee voted in a much more "Positive and Conservative" line of text books for the schools in Texas. The reason this is a victory of epic proportions for the entire country is that Texas buys more text books than any other state in the nation. This means that what happens in Texas, happens everywhere. Finally our children are not going to be raised to hate America and in the coming years (Post Obama) we will be well on our way to making our country whole again.

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  1. Welcome back - I missed reading your well-written and thoughtful missives. Once again, on point. I appreciate that you lay out your thoughts without the hysterics often seen on both sides of issues.