Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AZ has "Charlie Brown Syndrome"

Geez! I take one night off to get a little exorcise and it seems like the whole world is discombobulated (more so than usual). I heard that Los Angeles has decided to join San Francisco in the race to see who can be the most intolerant. Just what we need...more boy cotters. That's all I heard on the news today. Up to 56 million in lost revenue. Put it on our tab. The way I see it L.A. is doing us a huge favor. Think about it, California is committing financial Sepaku right now and is literally weeks (not months) away from declaring Bankruptcy. So what happens when they do that? The federal Government steps in with a gargantuan bailout (just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water) and then they raise our taxes. At least we won't get the extra 56 mil thrown on top like the world's largest, ironic cherry. (I know that 56 million is not going to make a difference, but I will feel a lot better) Personally, I can't wait to see Gov. Arnold begging Obama in that horrible German accent..."Our funds have been terminated. We need money! do it now!" That is going to be a great press conference. How the hell did that guy ever get confused for a conservative...ridiculous.

Glad to see that my best friends at "La Raza" are getting all of the wrong publicity. That Jack-ass Ronald Gochez is getting his ass googled more than when Brittany Spears had that "wardrobe malfunction" and then followed it up by shaving her head. (which was her shinning moment I must say). Yup, that youtube video is now the stuff of legend. Did anyone else hear that the video was made in 2007? Kinda makes you wonder how this guy still teaches at the same school? I mean, he kind of stuck his ass out in the wind. Also...if this video was made in 2007, how far into his plans, how many young minds has he infected? How much hate has he conjured up in the three years since? How many little mini-mees has he cloned in his own image? Governor Brewer helped us out today by signing into law the bill that prohibits the segrigation of students by race to teach them by race. I was talking about this on 5/4 when I was talking about all of the money wasted on education. Check it out if you want more info. Anyway, major victory for the good guys.

We have a lot of work to do. Part of our end game or "final solution" to this problem is going to be deprogramming all of the minds that little automatons like this Gochez have warped. We won't get them all, but small-minded thinking needs to be kept in small numbers. While I can't yet go into great details of the plans to be set into motion, I can say that it will start in November. We will use the only weapon that they have left us with, our vote.

Speaking of November...

My birthday is in November and what could be a better Birthday present than to see fresh Donkey (Democrat) blood rain down from the heavens. With November looming and the undoubted sleepless nights coming for the soon to be defeated Democrats it is time to decide. Who is to stay and who is to go? Clearly we take as many Dems as we can, but what about those incumbent Republicans? The "John McCains" of the world. The men and women that were here when we needed help and did nothing but worried about steroids in baseball (for example). People that we entrusted the country with because we thought that they shared our beliefs. We trusted them because they had an "R" next to their name and their picture was outlined in Red instead of blue (I am guilty of the same thing).

The other day I was watching T.V. with my wife when the phone rang. My wife got up and answered it and after a few simple innocuous answers, she said "John McCain" thanked the person, and hung up. I looked at her puzzled, "What was that?" I asked. As it turns out, it was a pollster checking to see who we were in favor of for the primary. That was the day I decided that I needed to do something. We do what we know. What is comfortable. John McCain is like that old shoe sitting in the closet that is worn out on the sides and the tread is gone. You know the pair. It has grass stains on it from cutting the lawn. You don't throw it away because it has become your "go to" shoe. The one you use for chores around the house, the one that you don't mind if it gets paint on it. At one time those shoes had a single purpose. Now, they do everything but that one purpose. That is John McCain. We voted him in back in who knows when because he had one purpose. Now he is serving every purpose but the one we voted him in for in the first place! We need to examine each primary individualy, pick the best candidate for what we as a state and we as a country need right now. I don't care if the person only lasts one term. Let that person do it until we find someone better. The minute that tread starts to wear down. I am commited to never get comfortable with another elected official again. If we don't hold them accountable, no one will.

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