Sunday, May 16, 2010

Screaming kids and the end of the world

Took the Kennedy's to a birthday party today. We (my wife and I) had a good time and made it out of there without incident (i.e. emergency room visit) and started on the journey home. We were trying (In vain) to have a conversation about the day and other miscellaneous conversation that one has with his wife when I noticed it. There we were, 2 feet away from each other and we couldn't hear each other speaking. My youngest was cooing (babies coo), my 2 yr old was crying (tired) and my oldest was engaging in what only can be described as a cheerful nonsensical chant, as he was obviously still high from the birthday party we were at.

Things are not so different here in Arizona. The AZ 1070 law has drawn a line in the sand, dividing houses, churches, and people within their own souls. Yet as we are ripped right down to our core beliefs and way of life, there are people on either side screaming in our ears (granted, I am one of them) about what side of that line we are supposed to be on. Too many people out there have been relying on those screaming voices to make their decisions for them. Why do they do that? Simple. We (earthlings) are lazy. We are more concerned with what dress Beyonce wore to the Grammy's or with "Keeping up with the Kardashians". It's too easy to get a soundbite off of "The Mike Broomhead show" (which I love) or to watch the "Bottom info line on CNN" to get the "vital information" that helps (makes) us make up our mind about things we can't speak intelligently about otherwise. Example: How many of us (I am guilty too) have taken a "talking point" off of the news and turned it into a conversation starter around the water-cooler (I hate that expression, "water cooler". Who actually stands around a water cooler?).

Everyone does it.... including our own U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. When he got cornered under oath, he HAD to admit that he had not read the bill. (You can't see it, but I'm doing a Touchdown Dance...YEAH!) It was both hilarious and frightening simultaneously to see him squirm like he forgot his "Preparation H" that morning. The fact that this moron has been threatening to bring the pain to Arizona for our "Mis-guided" law, makes me want to vomit. Obama has been saying it, Holder has been saying it, everyone who wants Amnesty for Illegals is saying it and the news wires and Liberal Media have been saying it. You see, the minute Liberals want conservatives to lay off an issue, they say one word. RACIST. It's like their "safe word". You know, like when you are in a sex club in Amsterdam and they strap your nipples to a car battery. You can say this word and they will stop zapping you. (not that I know anything about that... Cause... I don't) Think back to affirmative action. If you were against it, you were against minorities getting a "fair chance". In short, you were a Racist. How about something more recent? When Obama was running for the Presidency, what did everyone say? No, not Hope and Change. They said that the only reason a white person would not vote for Obama was the color of his skin. When McCain was trying to tell people what Obama was all about, Obama called for "clean politics" and no "negative campaigning". Naturally he meant that for McCain's camp only. Affirmative action for the White House. Only in America.

Now comes the why. Why do I do this? I do this for myself. I do the research, I build an opinion, I throw it up into cyberspace so I am able to sleep at night knowing that I did all that I could to make this world a better place. But why do they do it? Why would the media spend millions of dollars in lost ratings so they can be the puppet with Obama's hand up their ass, making their lips tell any lie he choses? (Now who needs a safe word?) Idealism. Like my Grandpa told me once, "A dog doesn't lick his balls for the salt." Why is it that they protect Obama and his minions from 90% of the damaging things that he does and then look like idiots when FOX News breaks the story. The answer is that it is in their culture. I will never forget what Tom Brokaw said the night Obama was elected. He looked at the news idiot next to him and said, (Paraphrasing) "so we have elected him to the Presidency, without knowing anything about him. What kind of President do you think he is going to be?" I turned the T.V. off and punched a hole into the wall. This is what we are dealing with. People don't care about the person they elect. They only care what side of "The Line" he is on.
So I guess the moral of the story today kids, is either do the research yourself or make damn sure the person giving you the info is not just a puppet.


  1. So why does a dog lick his balls?

  2. I have been wondering that for a long time. It seems that these guys take a stand, and that is it. You are wrong, and I am right. End of story. Or is it. what do you REALLY know about the issue? Interesting that you didn't bother to READ the bill before you condemned it. That seems like it is running rampant in the US at this very moment. I would venture a guess that 99.9% of those interviewed after the fact would eventually admit that they were too LAZY to read the damn bill. There ya go. You are SO informed, that I don't believe a word you say after that because you have no credibility anymore. Mr Holder, I think you have now shown us what you are really made of, and you know what? You should slide back into your hole, and resign from your position, because your "opinion" isn't needed. I can form my OWN opinion when ever I want. Meantime, the world goes on.....